Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ragnar Ultra - Journey to Las Vegas (part 2)

This is the week!  It's here...Oh my gosh!  I can't believe it.  It's been an exciting ride to this point already.

 I was training for multiple events this summer...and I thought I was doing a great job.  My foot had already started feeling "bruised" after Ragnar Del Sol (Arizona) in February.  So...I took some time off, but wasn't really aware of the trouble that was brewing.  Because I wasn't aware (and it wasn't terribly painful at the time) I wasn't doing anything pro-active to help the foot.  I kept running on it.  Add to that, a (somewhat) dislocated ankle that I got as a souvenir from last October's Gladiator Rock 'n Run!  (All this was revealed to me after the fact!).  I had a terrible summer Half-Marathon in San Diego...yet I PR'd.  Running was becoming a slow death to me, and getting harder and harder as (I now realize) I was working harder to make things work out of alignment!   It all came to a head as I painfully ventured to Temecula, Ca. in September to attempt my Spartan Beast for my Trifecta medal.  I shamefully had to ring out at 4.5 grueling miles...in excruciating pain!   It was finally time to go see a Podiatrist! (Thank you, Dr. Loo!)   Turns out I had a pretty decent case of Plantar Fasciitis that had resulted in a heel spur...and I had done some serious tissue damage at the Spartan Race!  I had to re-evaluate what was on my event calendar and make some decisions.  I dropped down to the Half-Marathon from the Full that is scheduled for January in Walt Disney World.  Thankfully, the Half-Marathon that was scheduled for November 3rd was cancelled completely...

Nothing was as important as making sure that I could run with my amazing team #BONDiGirls !

I bought new, supportive shoes, and did daily extensive therapy to help heal my foot.  I did resort to a cortisone shot so I could start training again, after being forced to take a 4 week hiatus.  I finally feel like things are coming around...just in time!  All my energy was focused on being healthy for this awesome adventure...and I'm so grateful that I have the shortest running distance.  I chose that initially because it was supposed to mesh with my marathon training...but now, it's just about all I can handle at the moment!  As Runner #5 out of 6...22.5 miles over 2 days is plenty for me!!

Bring it!!

Now...I'd like you to re-meet my awesome teammates...

Amy...who can be followed on Twitter and Instagram
Tina...who blogs at Fabulosi-T and can be found on Twitter and Instagram
Angela...who blogs at Cowgirl Runs and can be found on Twitter and Instagram
Cheri...who blogs at Overactive Blogger and can be found on Twitter
Katie...who blogs at Chase This Skirt! and can be found on Twitter and Instagram

And...our amazing sponsors!

First...a HUGE Thank you to Bondi Band !  They are the company that launched the contest to put #BondiGirls on the map!  They have sponsored our team registration, hotel, van and super cute team gear!  Follow Bondi Band on Twitter and Instagram .


#BondiGirls would like to thank our other sponsors who have graciously provided product for our racing endeavor:

  • ENERGYbits
  • Chase This Skirt from our very own Katie!
  • Vega, providing us with #VegaSport and #VegaOne products
  • Clif Bar Company, providing us not only with Clif Bars...but also ShotBlox and Mojo bars
  • Krave Jerky
  • Nuun Hydration
  • KT Tape
  • Shower Pill

Thank you so much for making this happen for us!

cheer us on!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Runners' World: "Why Should Long Runs Be Slower?" (re-post)

Why Should Long Runs Be Slower?

Each run in a training schedule serves a specific purpose.

September 20, 2013
Media: Long Run Home
I'm considering training for my first marathon. I have run several 5k's and one 10k and now I think I want to train for a longer race. My question involves the long runs. I've read that I need to slow down on long runs, but how much do I need to slow down? And why?
Thanks for your help,
Dear Debbie-
This is a great question and one of the most frequently asked questions about marathon training.
First, it's to your advantage that you have already been running and have done some shorter distance races prior to tackling the marathon distance. This conditioning will help set you up for success and reduce your risk of injury because it has given you a base upon which to build for the longer distance. Your body is better prepared to meet the demands of increased mileage.
Also, since you have run some shorter races, you can use these race times to help predict your time at longer distances. Predictions charts are only a prediction, but they can provide some helpful information for a starting point. Plug in your most recent 5K and/or 10K time to the race times predictor and it will calculate your predicted marathon time.
This predicted marathon time will help give you an idea of a goal time and help establish some run paces for your training runs. For a runner brand new to distance, long runs are typically run 45 seconds to as much as 90 seconds per mile slower than the goal marathon pace to reduce wear and tear on your body. Reducing the impact on the body means you can recover quicker from training runs and can continue progressing with your training.
Since you are new to distance training, many of your training runs are going to take you into new mileage territory. When running a new distance, it should be considered a "long" run, regardless of the actual mileage. For example, if you have never run 10 miles before, then your first 10 mile run should be considered a long run; whereas, a veteran marathoner would not consider a 10 mile run to be a long run. For experienced marathoners, long runs are typically those runs of 18 miles and above. Just think, you may get to that point some day too!
There are many, many physiological adaptations the body makes in order to meet the physical demands of distance running, especially for the marathon distance, and this why slowing down is recommended. These physical adaptations do not simply happen overnight. The adaptation process is stimulated when the demands of training are greater than what the body is prepared to meet. This physical overload triggers the adaptation process. Each time we go above and beyond, which is known as progressive overload, we stimulate this adaptation process. When we overload the body in gradual, incremental increases, it responds positively by becoming stronger. If we overload the body too rapidly or too heavily too soon, it doesn't have time to adapt and we risk poor performances, injury, illness, and/or mental burnout.
The physiological adaptations the body makes are impressive. Here are just a few of them:
  1. New capillary beds are built, which is akin to building new highways. These beds allow for greater efficiency of blood flow to diffuse oxygen and nutrients to working muscles and increase the capacity for waste removal.
  2. Heart muscle becomes stronger which lowers our resting heart rate.
  3. Stroke volume, which is the amount of blood your heart can pump per beat, improves by as much as 2.5 times over normal levels, allowing your body to move more blood with each heart beat.
  4. Training improves the endurance capabilities of your muscle fibers by increasing the number of mitochondria within your muscle cells. Mitochondria are the "powerhouse" of the cell because they are responsible for producing the energy required for muscle contraction. 
These are just some of the many physical changes that are occurring within your body during training. It is important to keep them in mind as you train because training plans recommend mileage, run paces, and recovery days based on this process.
As you progress in your training, you will find you are able to run closer to your goal marathon pace on shorter runs after your body has made some of these adaptations. For example, the first time you run 10 miles, take it easy. The next time you run 10 miles, it will probably feel easier after completing longer runs and you may find you are able to run it closer to your goal marathon race pace.
For your first marathon, I suggest using a training plan that uses 3 or 4 days of running. Running every other day provides automatic recovery time between workouts, which helps reduce the risk of injury, fatigue, and burn out. Look for a gradual incremental increase in weekly mileage, preferably one that follows a 10% increase in weekly mileage. In addition, every three or four weeks, your training plan should drop back in mileage, giving you an active recovery week, before building again. Your training plan should also give you some guidelines for run paces based on the distance of the run. Some of your shorter weekday runs can be run at your predicted goal marathon race pace, while the longer weekend runs should be run slower than this goal pace. Varying run pace also helps reduce the risk of injury too. Allow 4 to 6 months of training for your first marathon to give yourself time to use a gradual, incremental build. Consider this time frame when selecting your first marathon.
All the best to you!
Susan Paul, MS

Susan Paul has coached more than 2,000 runners and is an exercise physiologist and program director for the Orlando Track Shack Foundation. For more information, visit www.trackshack.com.
Have a question for our beginners experts? Email it to beginners@rodale.com. NOTE: Due to the volume of mail, we regret that we cannot answer every email.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ragnar Ultra - Journey to Las Vegas! (part 1)

November 7 & 8
To run.  
Pretty far.

Okay...let me back up.  I won a contest to be part of a Ragnar Relay running team sponsored by Bondi Band, a company that makes no-slip, sport headbands.  What is a Ragnar Relay, you ask?  It's an overnight, 200 mile relay race that 12 crazy people on a  team participate in.  Oh wait!  Did I mention we're an Ultra team?  That means there's only 6 of us doing the same course as the 12 man team....we're running double what the crazy people are doing.  What does that make us?  Probably completely insane, since none of us actually signed on for an Ultra team when we entered the contest...but no one wanted to give up the opportunity to participate!!!  

This will explain it!

It will be fun!

So....we've been working hard at getting this team organized since the winners were announced in April.  We've been through a few changes, but our team is gelling quite nicely.  We decided on a team name of "BONDi GIRLS"...a play on the 007 movies.  We've then been back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to costume ourselves like Bond Girls or go completely branded since we're sponsored by Bondi Band.   At this point, I think we're going completely branded.  Oh...and I should mention that this is Bondi Band's first time sponsoring teams, too.  There's a second team running the Adirondacks Ragnar Relay September 26 and 27th!

The Las Vegas Ultra Team

  • Katie Knight (California)
  • Tina Garstad (Calgary, Canada)
  • Camie Beaubien (me) (Arizona) - Captain
  • Cheri Armour (New Jersey)
  • Amy Smith (California)
  • Angela Williams (Calgary, Canada)
  • Jennifer Selenoff (our driver) (Oregon)
Most of us will be meeting each other for the first time when we arrive in Vegas!!  However, we have been communicating almost daily on our (closed) group Facebook Page.  We are still trying to iron out the details in our lodging logistics and agree on which Bondi Band items we want to wear while cheering on our teammates...I think we got the colors nailed down!  We're a total girly-girl group and we're loving PINK!!!  Our Bondi Band contact, Sandy, is getting us a little something special for our race...but I don't think I can say yet what it is.

I am SO excited that our very own Katie Knight is actually doubling as one of our team sponsors!!!  She is the owner of Chase This Skirt, a custom running skirt shop on Etsy.

And speaking of sponsors....my house has been looking like Christmas lately!  I've already been receiving shipments from our wonderful sponsors!  I've gotten boxes from Shower Pill, the Athletic Body Wipe,,, Clif Bars, the mini ones...Shot Bloks for energy...Mojo bars minis...ENERGYbits for Spirulina fuel...Krave Jerky - Yummy!  Also...Nuun tablets for optimal hydration, AND nutritional shakes, pre-workout drinks and hydration from Vega Sport - all natural. plant-based nutritional systems!

Let the adventure continue...

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

I've been keeping a secret...

Yes...it's true.  I've been keeping a secret... but it's time to come clean.

The past 6 months or so, I have been feeling run down...Depressed even.

There!  I said it...the "D" word!  I didn't want to be depressed!  I thought that if I worked out harder and more often, that I would kick it.  I thought that if I got 7-8 hours of sleep a night, that I would kick it.  I thought that if I tightened up my nutrition, I would kick it.  Well...I worked out harder, and it made me more exhausted and fatigued than before!  I slept 7 hours most nights, and could barely peel myself out of bed in the morning.  I tightened up my nutrition, but my cravings got stronger!  What?  I've always been able to control my cravings and be strict with my diet!  And then...I put on an extra 5 pounds in the last 6 months!  What is happening to me?  I lost interest in my job, had to force myself to work out, didn't want to go out anymore, couldn't bring myself to even look at my beloved planner!  Being on the brink of 46 naturally made me question whether it's the "change of life".  Nope...not yet!

A real fear set in.  Thinking back...the last time I was severely run-down and fatigued, I found out (quite by accident) that I had Chronic Kidney Disease... and it was completely painless. I had absolutely no idea!   I have kept it under control these last 5 years with diet and exercise.  Was it back?  Even that thought was depressing!

How could I be a Personal Trainer when I couldn't control my own weight?   How could I...train for a Spartan Beast...or train for a Ragnar Relay...OMG... or train for a full marathon...when I could be overwhelmed making a cup of coffee?

I made a plan to get a new doctor.  I'd been meaning to do that for a while, but now was the time.  I liked her...she listened to everything I said with kindness and compassion.  She was understanding when I said it must be my thyroid...and kindly said that she really suspects that there's nothing seriously wrong with me.  She ordered a blood test and told me she was ordering a test for Vitamin D deficiency, as she thought that's what my problem is.  Seriously?!!!  Vitamin D?  Whatever.

However, when the nurse called me back a few days later with my blood test results...I was shocked!  Everything was normal...EXCEPT I was truly Vitamin D deficient!!  I researched what exactly that meant...and here's what I found.  Symptoms and Diseases associated with Vitamin D deficiency.  Pretty much textbook...I had fatigue, general muscle pain and weakness (thought it was overtraining), muscle cramps (my calves...thought it was Achilles Tendinitis), weight gain (I was over-eating for energy because of the fatigue), restless sleep, poor concentration, headache (lots of headaches...thought it was dehydration), depression, etc.

I was told to take 2000 units/day of over-the-counter Vitamin D.  I swear, within 36 hours I felt like a new person!!  I'm so glad that I didn't just blurt out that I felt depressed...I didn't want to just be medicated and sent on my way.  I am still in complete awe that a vitamin deficiency could make me feel like my world was ending.  I am one week on Vitamin D and my energy and focus has returned...my appetite has diminished (that's when I realized I was eating to stay awake before) and I feel generally more efficient and clear-headed!  The transformation has been unbelievable!

If any of this sounds like what you (or someone you know) is going through...I urge you to get a blood test done to see if Vitamin D deficiency is what the simple problem is!  Don't just accept that you're depressed!  Take control of your health and get regular checkups...be aware of your body.  It's the only one you've got.

See you at the finish line!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10th Annual Girlfriends' Cruise!

Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise, but didn't know exactly how to start the process?  Have you said for years..."Someday I'm going on that Girlfriends' Cruise!"  This is your year!! Grab your friends and take advantage of our group booking!   This is the last week of the price guarantee for our group booking.  You CAN book after that...but the prices may be going up.  All you need is a deposit and a roommate (or I can try to match you up with someone).  Who knows...after 10 years of cruising, this may be our last hurrah!  I will walk you through the entire process if you're new to cruising.  If you don't currently have a passport...there's still plenty of time to get one!

Camie’s Addiction Girlfriends’ Cruise
10/20-10/24 2014
Carnival Inspiration 4 Night Baja Cruise
Itinerary: Los Angeles, Catalina Isle, Ensenada, At Sea, Los Angeles

Pricing: (Based on Dbl Occupancy, Per Person)
4B Inside Cabin $299+87.87tax/port = $386.87
6B Ocean View Cabin $339+87.87/tax = $426.87
Booking Fee is $25 per person ($50 per cabin); Fee is Non-Refundable & Due w/ Initial Trip Deposit. *Single Occupancy rates available upon Request*
Payment Amounts/Due Dates:
$150 p/person deposit Due by 6/20/2014
Final Balance is Due by 8/17/2014
Required Info To Book: (please email all info if possible)
Full Name (as on Reqr’d Passport), Birth date,
 Email Addr., Phone # & Billing Address

Contact: Angela Crabtree/Fords World Travel, Sun City AZ
Angela@Fordstravel.com / 623-933-8256-Phone (Mon/Tue/Thu)

Reminder: After Final Payment, complete & print your “funpass” on www.carnival.com

Transfers, Airfare, Insurance, Pre/Post Hotel Nights Are Additional/Optional. Cancel Fee (up to non refundable) Applies After Final Payment is made.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend registration!

     As we approach Easter weekend...many RunDisney fanatics are counting their pennies and strategizing on how to best register for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend races including the 5k, 10k, half-marathon, full-marathon, race and a half, and the Dopey Challenge.  Although registration officially opens on Tuesday, April 22...a select few got early entries - those with Annual Passes and Disney Vacation Club status.

Now...for the rest of us who have to wait for the official registration date...Here are a few reminders (especially if you're new to the registration process)
  • Registration for RunDisney opens at noon ET on Tuesday, April 22.  You can register online or by phone.  
  • If you are registering for the half or full, be prepared to submit an official race time to determine faster corral placement.  Have that ready so you don't time out on your session while you're researching that info.  For the half, you will need an official time for a 10k or longer race, and will need the race title, date, place and time.  For the full, you will need to submit an official time for a 10 mile or longer race.  Also, race name, date, place and timing.  No official time?  No problem.  You will just be placed in the last corral.
  • Your entire race registration will have to be paid in full at the time of registering.
  • This race weekend will sell out fast!  Go to www.RunDisney.com to review all your options ahead of time.
  • Want to bring a friend that doesn't want to run?  There are several spectator options!  Check out the chEAR Squad info!
  • This method of registration is good if you are planning to secure your own lodging reservations.
There is another option!

  • GET Travel is the preferred run vacation planning company that partners with Disney events...and they too will start registration on Tuesday, April 22.
  • GET Travel has a separate pool of registrations from which they sign up people.  HOWEVER...when RunDisney sells out, they start referring people to GET Travel for registrations.
  • GET Travel specializes in PACKAGES that include both race registration and Disney property lodging. 
  • To take advantage of the package deal, you must register and pay in full for your race entry AND make a hotel reservation of at least 3 nights.
  • You then only have to put down $75 deposit for your hotel reservation.
As of Friday morning, April 18, 2014...I was told that GET Travel only had 25 full marathon entries ...and that priority and early registration was given to the charity team running.  They took 10 entries.  There are now only 15 full marathon slots available!  (there are plenty of other race entries available though)
Once the travel company sells out of entries, they will then open up the hotel deals to any registered runner...provided they still have an inventory of rooms.
  • If you have secured other lodging, then skip this option and just register through RunDisney.
  • The GOOD NEWS is...that GET Travel opens at 7:30am Pacific time on April 22!  If they sell out of your race...you still have the option to go through RunDisney.  RD opens at noon ET! (that means 9am for us in Arizona!)
  • Your add-ons like "Pasta in the Park", "Race Retreat", and "chEAR Squad" must still be purchased through RunDisney.  GET Travel is only handling race entry and hotel reservation.  (discounted Park Hopper tickets, too...but that's for later)
Have a Magical weekend!

"When you RunDisney, every mile is magic!"

Monday, March 31, 2014

What you need to know BEFORE you register for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!

It's coming up soon...

Registration day for the 2015 WDW Marathon weekend, January 7 - 11!!!   Mark your calender for April 22 to register for your events....Keep an eye on the important dates and info through the runDisney website.
What you need to know:

(1)  Make a decision which race you are going to do ahead of time! (You have plenty of time to train!)  This race sells out quickly...like in 48 hours sometimes!  You can choose from the Family fun run 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Full Marathon, Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge (the Half + the Full marathon) or if you're really crazy...the Dopey Challenge! (the 5k + 10k + Half + Full)

(2)  Start talking to your friends NOW to coordinate your registration!  You don't want to end up being the only one who actually got in.  (Remind them they have plenty of time to train!)

(3)  Registration is around $180 for the half/full!  Be prepared to pay the whole amount at the time of registration!

(4)  There is a sport travel company that partners with runDisney called GET Travel .  After you register through RunDisney, you will receive an email from them with package deals on hotels and discounted park tickets.
This is important!

You can only get their discounted package deal on a hotel room at select Disney Resorts IF you also purchase your race registration from Get Travel!!!  

They will also allow you to make payments on your room reservations through December!  However, your race registration still must be paid in full at the time you register for both, through the travel company.  The race price is exactly the same at both sites.

(5)  You have the opportunity to purchase discounted park tickets through Get Travel, regardless which site your race registration is through.  This can be done later.

(6)  If you are interested in registering for the race AND booking your hotel package at one of the host RunDisney Resort hotels, then make sure you go to GET Travel and sign up for their email alerts!  

If you register for the race through runDisney directly, you are NOT eligible for the package deal with hotel through GET Travel!

I spoke directly to a Get Travel Agent last week, who confirmed this information,  She said that every year, there are so many disappointed (and confused) racers who end up not being able to get the discounted hotel rooms because they first registered through runDisney for their races.  I'm not sure why they aren't more closely linked or make this clear to runners prior to the race...but I thought it was important to share with all of you!  I too was confused!  I had originally called to make sure my facts were straight because I just got called to jury duty the day registration opens, and I have to leave clear instructions with my hubby to register me! Good Luck!

"When you runDisney...every mile is magic!"